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The National Faculty with the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) are seasoned teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, authors and educational consultants who conduct professional development activities on behalf of BIE. Each National Faculty member has his and her own areas of expertise as well as a comprehensive understanding of the BIE Project Based Learning (PBL) model.

BIE seeks highly qualified educators to join the National Faculty team. Prospective members require a unique set of skills and experiences to be effective in professional development work. Central to this skill set is a core philosophy of education reform grounded in student-centered, 21st century teaching and learning. In addition to leading PBL professional development activities in the U.S. and abroad, the National Faculty also functions as a professional learning organization, where members innovate, develop and share PBL practices and knowledge.

National Faculty members are independent consultants contracted for a variety of services in addition to delivery of professional development. As consultants, National Faculty are hired for one-time, short-term or fixed-term assignments and report to BIE staff.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Speak with authority and accuracy about the key aspects of BIE’s model of Project Based Learning.
• Conduct onsite and online workshops, trainings, and consultation services that meet BIE’s high standard for professional development
• Assist BIE clients in follow-up support visits in the development and implementation of Project Based Learning units as defined by BIE’s PBL essential elements.
• Actively contribute to BIE’s National Faculty professional learning community by developing and sharing best professional development practices.
• Provide mentoring support and training to site or district-based instructional coaches and new National Faculty candidates.
• Interact collaboratively with the Director of Professional Services and BIE staff to ensure that needs of BIE clients are met.
• Maintain accurate time, expense and activity records.


• Teaching experience in PBL environment preferred
• Prior experience as coach, trainer, or consultant for professional learning desirable.
• Experience designing and facilitating professional development activities with strong ability to engage and effectively respond to participant needs.
• Highly skilled in instructional practices and developed or demonstrated teaching innovations.
• Ability to travel
• Model BIE’s values of 21st century teaching and learning at all times.

Please note official acceptance into the BIE National Faculty is contingent on satisfactory completion of the National Faculty Development Program (NFDP). Our NFDP process is a comprehensive training to develop our PBL facilitators and coaches. We require candidates to commit to the following in their first year as part of the National Faculty Development Program:

• 2-day orientation Bootcamp in Novato, CA in January, 2015
• Up to 20 hours of video observations and deliverables in January, 2015
• Two 3-day co-facilitations between February and May, 2015
• 2-day National Faculty Summit in April, 2015
• Minimum of four 3-day workshops in June through August, 2015

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