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PBL World

PBL World is the pre-eminent project based learning conference in the world. It is held every year in mid-June in Napa, California. It offers our signature 3-day introductory workshop, PBL 101, as well as advanced practice workshops and two-day academies on leadership and instructional coaching. Attendees have the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of world leaders in education during the daily opening keynote addresses. To further support dynamic 21st century teaching and learning, attend the free Tech Boot Camps to learn tips and tools for meaningful technology integration. To learn more, visit

PBL 101 Workshops

PBL 101 is BIE’s foundational three-day (consecutive, 7.0 hours per day, including lunch) onsite workshop. It provides participants with the skills and knowledge needed to design, assess and manage a rigorous, relevant, and standards-based project. The workshop models the project process. Facilitated by one of BIE's expert National Faculty, the workshop is a balanced blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work, resource sharing, and peer collaboration and feedback. Participants are actively engaged in project design, with the expectation that every teacher or teaching team will generate a project plan that receives formative feedback from both participants and BIE National Faculty. All participants (limited to 35 per workshop) receive a free copy of BIE's highly regarded PBL 101 Workbook.

Sustained Support Visits

Sustained Support Visits are onsite instructional support (coaching) for participants who attended the PBL 101 Workshop. BIE highly recommends schools contract for a minimum of 2 onsite visits, as multiple studies have indicated the importance of ongoing support as a feature of successful professional development and transformation in teacher practice. These visits (usually scheduled as single days) are spaced throughout the school year following the 101, and are based on school need. BIE conducts a survey of participating teachers and administrators and uses that data to develop a highly customized session to support teachers in areas related to project design, assessment, and management.

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